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Why Getting a Routine Pap Smear is So Important 

A female patient speaking with her gynecologist after undergoing a pap smear

While both men and women are obligated to take preventative care and action for their health, women must undergo a unique test early on in their adulthood. This test is known as a pap smear. Look, we get it. It can be a bit uncomfortable and a drag overall just to have a doctor examine you. But it’s important. In fact, as of 2019, there was a large increase in women diagnosed with cervical cancer, which is one of the many things that a pap smear test for. What else can a pap smear do for you? We have everything you need to know.

Detecting Conditions Early On 

It is recommended that once you become sexually active, you are to have pap smears done every three years. Because pap smears can detect several conditions, you can find out whether or not you test positive for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

Pap smears are also made to find the presence of cancer cells in the cervix, even in their earliest stages. While you might feel fine and healthy, the longer you wait to have a pap smear done, the more risks you face with your reproductive health later on in the future. Tackling cancer cells, even before they become active, can help you avoid these kinds of diseases overall. 

Fewer Treatments Later On

Much like any other kind of cancer, the earlier cervical cancer is detected, the better. Even more, you might not have to go through several trials of treatment as opposed to those whose diagnosis has worsened. With a few but effective treatments, you can eliminate those cancer cells with the hope that they, most likely, will not return. The more the cells have grown in the cervix, the harder it can be to treat your diagnosis. It is especially important to be aware of this as symptoms of cervical cancer are not commonly reported, meaning you could have these cells without any suspicion. 

Finding Solutions

You might have concerns or questions about your reproductive health. Sometimes, these concerns or questions cannot be fully addressed until you have a pap smear done. Pap smears can also detect the presence of yeast infections, which can be chronic. For example, if you get a yeast infection only once and it seems to have gone away, the bacteria from the infection might linger, which can cause the infection to come back and grow again. With the help of a gynecologist, you can discuss solutions and problems during a pap smear or annual exam. If you are dealing with something else or if your infection has worsened, consulting with a doctor during a pap smear is your best solution. 

Eliminating the Spread of STDs

Pap smears do not necessarily test for sexually transmitted diseases, but you can ask your gynecologist to conduct these exams simultaneously. These tests are designed to look for cells that are abnormal, which can also be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease if nothing else is detected. 

Pap smears are not only intended to help you, but they are also made to help keep whoever you are sexually involved with safe. STDs can spread very quickly, especially if you are unaware if you have one. Informing your sexual partner can help with preventing the condition to worsen and from being passed on to anyone else. 

Peace of Mind

The best thing about getting a pap smear is simply getting it out of the way. Once your gynecologist gets back to you with the results, you don’t have to worry about getting another one for at least three years! It’s even better if they call back with a positive response, informing you that your reproductive system is in good shape! 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve waited to get one done. What matters is that you schedule one as soon as you can for your peace of mind. In the end, pap smears are for your health. Waiting to get a pap smear can cause more damage if there are any complications. 

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