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Walk-In Clinic Near You — Start Feeling Better Today!

walk-in clinic

The second-worst thing to being sick is waiting around in a clinic in order to be seen by a doctor. Not only are you sick and uncomfortable, you’ll also be sitting next to other sick people. All in all, the waiting room is one of the walk0worst places to be and it’s even more terrible when you’re sick. And this is why walk-in clinics exist. If you’re in the El Paso area and you need urgent care services, visit Country Club Urgent Care Center!

Walk-in clinics offer affordable and swift medical aid to those in need. In general, these types of clinics are best for individuals who just need to be in and out. Unlike urgent care centers or emergency rooms, walk-in clinics only focus on simpler options such as diagnostics, prescriptions, and preventive care. The main focus of walk-in clinics is to provide patients with the medical assistance they need in a swift, effective manner. Most adults don’t have the time to wait around for a doctor to see them. When it comes to medical issues that require quick assistance, walk-in clinics should be your go-to option (as long as you’re facing non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses or require immunizations, physicals, or screenings). The main prerogative of walk-in clinics is convenience. Convenient care and cost makes them a great option when your medical needs aren’t as urgent or an emergency.

When Not to Go to a Walk-In Clinic

As convenient as they are, not every medical issue can be tended to at a walk-in clinic. While walk-in clinics focus on non-life-threatening issues, there is a thin line that separates them from urgent care issues. If your injury or illness requires immediate medical care, skip the walk-in clinic! Urgent care issues can range from vomiting or diarrhea to abdominal pain and moderate flu-like symptoms. Urgent care centers also take care of small cuts that require stitches. If you notice, the issues described aren’t emergencies but they still require urgent care in order for you to avoid further issues. Urgent care centers are affordable (not as affordable as walk-in clinics, however).

Emergency rooms are necessary for issues that require advanced treatments or rapid care. Broken bones, serious burns, and head or eye injuries require emergency room assistance. If the issue feels like an emergency, go to an ER!

Whatever you’re facing, visit Country Club Urgent Care Center. We are a walk-in clinc, urgent care center, and emergency room so you won’t have to drive all over town to find the right medical assistance. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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