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Urgent Care Clinic Tips – Identifying and Treating Stomach Pain

man clutching stomach in painStomach pain is never convenient. It causes discomfort and disrupts our daily activities, and most of us are not sure how to make the pain subside. When the pain is particularly intense, many people even consider visiting an urgent care clinic. Most people are aware of the dangers of appendicitis, and it clearly not a good idea to let this dangerous condition go untreated. But how are we supposed to determine if our ailment is serious enough to warrant a trip to an urgent care clinic or mild enough to treat at home? While some stomach pain certainly could indicate appendicitis, many times stomach pain is caused by non-threatening conditions. Here are a few ways to identify the causes of stomach pain and a few tips for alleviating stomach issues. If you need assistance, Country Club Urgent Care can help.

Identifying the Source

Cramping Pain

Cramping pain usually usually comes in waves. It can be sharp or mild, but it is definitely uncomfortable. Cramping pain could stem from bloating gas in the stomach. If you are a female, you may also be experiencing menstrual cramps.

Pain All Over

Most people experience indigestion at one point. Indigestion causes generalized rather than localized pain – so if the pain generally affects the entirety of the abdomen area, it is likely due to some time of indigestion.

Pain in One Spot

If you are experiencing localized pain in your abdomen, that could mean you need to visit an urgent care clinic. Appendicitis begins with generalized pain, but it usually moves to localized pain after a short while. At this point, it is imperative that appendicitis is treated! Stomach ulcers and ovarian cysts also cause localized pain.

Treating Pain At Home

You Can’t Go Wrong With Tea

Mint tea, ginger root tea, chamomile tea, and even kombucha (a non-alcholic, fermented tea that is rich with probiotics) will all likely help ease stomach pain. Mint, ginger, and chamomile tea are herbal, and they will help settle the stomach. Kombucha is known to help induce bowel movements, so consider drinking some if you are constipated.

Embrace Burnt Toast

It may not sound appetizing, but  burnt toast can help absorb any toxins in your stomach that could be upsetting it. If you absolutely cannot stomach the taste, try smearing it with honey!

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is more than just a trend. It works like magic for stomach problems! This cure all can alleviate gas, cramping, and indigestion. Combine one tablespoon ACV with one tablespoon honey in a glass of warm water, and drink up!


In some cases, stomach pain is far too intense to exercise. If you feel like you can swing a walk around the block or a few push ups, however, exercise may help get things moving in your digestive system and may distract you from your pain!

Seek Help at an Urgent Care Clinic

If your pain will not subside or if it seems to be related to appendicitis, ulcers, or ovarian cysts, definitely seek help. An urgent care clinic is a great resource when your pain gets out of hand. At Country Club Urgent Care, we want to help you be happy and healthy. We are readily available to help you get back to your pain free life, so don’t hesitate to visit us with your urgent care needs.

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