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Emergency Medical Services

How To Decide Between the Emergency Room or the Urgent Care Clinic

happy young medical professionals high fiving in an officeIs an urgent care clinic better than the ER? There is no cut and dry answer to this question. An emergency room is best for life-threatening injuries. In other cases when urgent medical services are needed, an urgent care clinic might be your best option. A lot of times, you can also visit an urgent care clinic if you need care but your regular doctor’s office is closed. If your child’s fever won’t go away or spikes, or if a cold or flu gets out of hand the medical professionals at Country Club Urgent Care will provide prompt and thorough care.

Visit the Emergency Room for Certain Situations

If you are experiencing chest pain, coughing up blood, or have had a head injury you should visit the ER or call an ambulance for medical services. An emergency room is set up and ready for extreme situations. They are open 24 hours a day and are ready for advanced care. When you have a life-threatening situation you will be seen immediately at the ER.

For this same reason, an emergency room is not for everyone. If you are in extreme pain or discomfort and you need immediate medical services, you may end up waiting a long time at the ER. Patients might come in after you, but get seen before you because they need immediate attention.

In Some Cases, the Urgent Care Center is Better

When you have and an illness or injury that is not an emergency but requires care right away,  you will get seen sooner and pay a smaller bill at an urgent care center. While you may not be in critical condition, your wait will still be uncomfortable and possibly longer. However, urgent care units usually see patients much quicker. They have all the same capabilities and medical professionals present without the emergency situations to deal with. Not only that, while offering excellent medical care the cost is still usually much better at urgent care clinics.

Medical Services at an Urgent Care Clinic

These clinics are great at administering excellent service and prescriptions to get you on the road to recovery quicker. A few examples of reasons to visit the urgent care can include a fever that persists, earaches, minor burns, skin rashes, suspicion of infection or dehydration, sprains, continual diarrhea, or a persistent cough or cold.

At Country Club Urgent Care, we treat every patient promptly. We provide a thorough diagnosis and care to help you recover quickly from your injury or illness. Be sure to call us today if you have any questions!t

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