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Visit a Gynecology Clinic for Your Yeast Infection


Patient sitting on treatment couchIf you think you may have a yeast infection, you should visit a gynecology clinic. You shouldn’t just attempt to treat the yeast infection at home. You need to make certain that your diagnosis is accurate, since symptoms could indicate other potential problems. At Country Club Urgent Care, you can see a doctor who will perform a test and let you know if your infection is actually caused by yeast imbalance.


When to Visit a Gynecology Clinic for a Yeast Infection

There are a number of symptoms which could suggest that you potentially have a yeast infection. You might experience itching in your vaginal area as well as redness and soreness. You may also have unusual discharge, which has the consistency of cottage cheese. If you experience these symptoms, it may be tempting to just get an over-the-counter cream to treat the yeast infection. You typically should not do that if you’re not certain if yeast is the culprit. If you use a yeast infection cream when you do not have a yeast infection, you could further upset the Ph balance in your vaginal area and cause other health issues.  Repeated yeast infections could also be a sign of a more serious issue that you need a doctor to address.


What Happens at a Gynecology Clinic

At a gynecology clinic, your doctor can take a sample from your vaginal area and look at it under a microscope. You can get a diagnosis right away from a doctor regarding whether your infection is a yeast infection or not. Once you have a diagnosis, a doctor can give you an oral medication to take or can give you a cream to apply. Your doctor could also recommend over-the-counter treatment.  


Contact a Gynecology Clinic for Help Todaydoctor's desk

Country Club Urgent Care runs a gynecology clinic for those who need an accurate diagnosis from a medical professional. We promise short or no wait times and affordable costs. Contact us as soon as you suspect you have a yeast infection so you can get diagnosed and get on the path to recovery.

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