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Emergency Medical Services

Things to Know- Find Convenient and Affordable Medical Services


As a new college student, sometimes you may feel pressured to find medical services within the university circle. However, when you feel ill and the college medical clinic can do nothing for you, it is always good to know where you can find convenient and affordable medical services off campus. Country Club Urgent Care is one of the leaders in the medical services field because we do several things much better than the competition.

First and foremost, we are always ready to look after any and all of your medical needs. Our medical services are open a day to make sure the community always has access to any services that may be needed. Most urgent care clinics will go on and on about how they are better than an ER, yet Country Club Urgent Care goes the extra distance by providing medical services. We know accidents do not only happen between 8 AM and 6 PM.

We Strive to Make Medical Care Convenient and Caring

Our medical services take advantage of all of the latest innovations in the field. We offer new clients the ability to pre register and expedite the medical processes. We treat all types of medical emergencies (that are non life threatening), and illnesses. Wake up and have the flu? Stomach acting up? We can help you, including doctors that are not rushed and with whom you can schedule follow up visits to ensure the best care we can provide for you.

When you are a new college student in a new city like El Paso, it is always important to know where you can find essential things: instant noodles, caffeine and medical services. Know that at Country Club Urgent Care, we provide services that are thorough and caring. If you wake up feeling sick, don’t panic- just contact us today so we can help you feel better!

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