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Do Medical Emergencies Occur More Frequently During the Winter?

If you’re someone who tends to get sick more often during the winter than any other season, you may not be alone. From runny noses to congestion, ear infections, stomach viruses, strep throat, and the common cold, there are a lot of different forms of sickness that go around once the temperature drops. While doctors […]

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Medical Services: The History of Healers and Physicians

Living in a modern and highly civilized country like the United States of America, we often take for granted our access to medical services. While our system is not perfect and could certainly use some reforms, the truth is that America has reliable medical services for all populations. We thought it would be interesting to […]

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Walk in Clinic in El Paso | Helping You Stick to Your Budget

When you are just out of college and looking for a career, falling ill is usually not worked into your budget for the month; you need a walk in clinic in El Paso. At Country Club Urgent Care, we accept patients of all ages and you do not need to schedule an appointment. We are […]

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The Benefits of a Walk In Clinic in El Paso

If you are suffering through a bout of food poisoning, a walk in clinic in El Paso is the best bet to get the kind of immediate attention you need.  Country Club Urgent Care provides the best of two worlds: emergency care and personalized care. We have medical professionals that will actually spend time with […]

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Medical Services In El Paso: The Right Choice for Your Child

There are plenty of medical services in El Paso that you can take your child to when he is sick. Earlier in the week, your son came home from school with a sniffle and cough, and despite over-the-counter medication, he is only getting worse. You thought about taking him to his pediatrician, but the last […]

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