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How to Prevent Getting Sick During the Flu Season: In 9 Ways 

It’s already enough that we’re doing everything we can to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Flu season is soon to be among us and with that being said, we’re going to have to work a bit harder this year to prevent people from coming down with the sickness. COVID-19 and the flu share some similar […]

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What to Look for in Good Medical Service

Whether you are sick and cannot get in to see your regular doctor or have recently moved or changed insurance companies, searching for good medical service can be a daunting task. When you choose Country Club Urgent Care, you’ll receive the best medical service you could ever want. We’re here to help. Steps to Finding Good […]

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Why Physical Issues Require a Visit to the 24 Hour Urgent Care Clinic

Getting sick is a part of life. Even if you constantly follow healthy living practices, odds are you’ll catch a cold at least once per year. These issues tend to manifest early on and give you enough time to react accordingly. If your cold, stomach ache or headaches aren’t going away, visiting an emergency care center […]

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Visiting a Walk in Clinic vs Searching Online

If you have ever developed a painful rash, an unexplained bump, or an unsightly lump on your skin, you likely understand how frustrating skin problems can be. To alleviate discomfort, victims of skin issues often spend hours searching through online content in the hunt for answers, and they may spend unnecessary money on pharmaceutical products […]

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