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Affordable Gynecology Clinic in El Paso

Women should regularly visit a gynecology clinic to get preventative exams and to get proper medical advice in the event of a possible problem.  In reality, not everyone has a gynecologist who they see on a regular basis. Not everyone has a primary care physician. Not everyone has insurance either. All of this can make […]

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Looking for an Affordable and Accessible Gynecology Clinic?

  Every woman in El Paso needs to visit a gynecology clinic for periodic exams in order to stay healthy. Going to the gynecologist periodically allows you to be tested for signs of cervical cancer and breast cancer, and allows you to otherwise maintain good feminine health.  Country Club Urgent Care Center has a gynecology […]

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Where to Find a Gynecology Clinic in El Paso

If you are a woman who is uninsured but need a gynecology clinic in El Paso to look after an annual exam, Country Club Urgent Care Center is the place that you can go to for compassionate and reasonably priced health care. We offer a variety of different comprehensive health care services, including women’s health […]

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An Affordable and Reliable Gynecology Clinic in El Paso

Being unsatisfied with your current gynecology clinic could lead to discomfort, and neglect of necessary appointments. At Country Club Urgent Care, we can be your new gynecology clinic in El Paso. We promise to always provide you with quick service, and make you as comfortable as possible. Apart from our commitment to comfort and happiness, […]

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A Gynecology Clinic in El Paso You can Count on

Every woman needs to visit a gynecology clinic in El Paso periodically.  You need to visit the gynecologist for a regular annual examination in order to catch cell changes that show up on a pap smear and that could lead to the development of cervical cancer. Your gynecologist is also going to be able to […]

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