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Do Medical Emergencies Occur More Frequently During the Winter?

If you’re someone who tends to get sick more often during the winter than any other season, you may not be alone. From runny noses to congestion, ear infections, stomach viruses, strep throat, and the common cold, there are a lot of different forms of sickness that go around once the temperature drops. While doctors […]

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When Should You Visit a 24 Hour Urgent Care Clinic for a Fever?

When a fever gets high enough to be dangerous, visiting an El Paso 24 hour urgent care clinic can help. Physicians can help bring down the temperature. You will also receive a diagnosis to the underlying cause. In many situations, however, a low fever is not necessarily cause for alarm. A fever is the body’s attempt to […]

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5 Minor Emergencies That Require Medical Services

 Medical emergencies should never be taken lightly.  Choosing the right medical services is crucial. There was a time when people would ignore their symptoms just to avoid the emergency room.  The ER has always had a stigma mostly because of the wait time.  Well, long gone are those days of waiting hours in the emergency room. […]

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