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How Urgent Care Centers are Impacting Healthcare and Communities

Chances are that by now you have seen, driven by, walked by, or maybe even visited your local urgent care center. These medical facilities have seen quite the renaissance in the last couple of years. They have continued to grow and expand the healthcare market. Of course, they are not all made the same. At […]

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When You Should Use Emergency Services

Requiring medical care is not uncommon in day to day life. So many things can go wrong so fast. One second you are walking along feeling fine. The next second you are trying to stand back up. You may not even be sure of what happened, all you know if that your head hurts. Before […]

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How Long Does it Take to Get Emergency Services?

 Are you in need of emergency services due to a healthcare issue? Then you are likely concerned with how long it is going to take you to get care. You may be worried about having to wait a long time for an appointment with a doctor. You may also have concerns about going to an emergency room. […]

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Shorter Wait Times with Our Clinics

When you are looking for clinics in El Paso to treat an immediate need, you need to see a doctor right away and do not want to wait long hours in the ER. What makes clinics unique to hospitals are the shorter wait times and the convenience of location. In addition to this, there are […]

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