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Do Medical Emergencies Occur More Frequently During the Winter?

If you’re someone who tends to get sick more often during the winter than any other season, you may not be alone. From runny noses to congestion, ear infections, stomach viruses, strep throat, and the common cold, there are a lot of different forms of sickness that go around once the temperature drops. While doctors […]

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What Kinds of Services Are Available at an Urgent Care Clinic?

For many people who don’t have a regular doctor, an urgent care clinic will have the medical services they require.  El Paso patients trust County Club Urgent Care Center. This is because we provide emergency services, gynecological services, and many other types of walk-in care. You may have a medical need and are not sure what an urgent […]

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Where to Get Broken Bone Care

When you have broken a bone, you most likely want prompt broken bone care. Of course, a bone has to be set right away so that it can heal properly. This way, you don’t sustain permanent damage or experience a loss of mobility. A broken bone is also very painful. So, you want to make certain you get […]

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