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Tips to Stay Healthy During the Colder Months

The cold and flu are especially popular during the winter. Our immune systems require extra TLC during the colder months of the year in order to fight off or prevent illness. Doing what you can stay healthy can make a difference in your body’s ability to fight off the common cold. Follow these tips to […]

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Broken Bones Happen- Our Urgent Care Can Set You Straight

When you need urgent care in El Paso to deal with a broken bone, you may be very concerned about how much the break is going to cost you. Visiting an ER is expensive, but when you have Country Club Urgent Care, we can help you in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our fully […]

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Choosing the Best Urgent Care in El Paso

During the changing of the seasons, weather can be extreme and allergens can make life miserable, especially for children and the elderly; this is why it is important to have access to urgent care in El Paso. If your elderly mother lives is struggling to cope with the changing weather, you need to get her […]

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For Urgent Care in El Paso, Choose the Best

If you feel like you have the flu, there are several very good reasons why urgent care in El Paso is a great option to have. When you require urgent care in El Paso, Country Club Urgent Care can have you back on your feet again as quickly as possible. This affordable, top-notch health care […]

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