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5 Ways Urgent Care Centers Can Benefit You

Urgent care centers are constantly changing the way we handle healthcare. Before, when something went wrong, it meant having to wait for an appointment with our primary care physician or long hours at the emergency room, even for the most minor of non-emergency injuries. But now, with urgent care centers popping up around the nation, […]

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University Students Benefit from Affordable Urgent Care Services

As we welcome in the Fall, people everywhere are back in school and settling into their old routines. For university students, this means that it’s time to be frugal and save money in order to afford school materials. But what can a student do when they face a medical issue during the school year? The […]

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Here’s Your Best Choice for Affordable Urgent Care in El Paso

There are some good reasons why Country Club Urgent Care is considered one of the best choices for affordable urgent care in El Paso and has been for quite some time. If you’re not familiar with what our clinic has that separates it from other local competition, then here are a few reasons: We have […]

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A Flexible Urgent Care Clinic For You

Accidents and illnesses don’t happen during routine business hours. You can visit Country Club Urgent Care Center at any time day or night to get prompt treatment provided by a caring and knowledgeable medical professional. When you or your kids are sick in the middle of the night, you do not want to have to […]

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Beat the Flu with the Help of a Leading Urgent Care Clinic

When you wake up in the middle of the night with symptoms of the flu, an urgent care clinic in El Paso can be your best bet for a prompt diagnosis and for getting the treatment that you need to feel better. Country Club Urgent Care Center provides reliable, fast treatment when you are feeling […]

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Caring and Reliable Urgent Care Clinic in El Paso

Being stung by scorpion in your home is a serious thing, and we understand that the emergency room might seem a bit over the top for a bug bite, so instead go to Country Club Urgent Care Center. We are an urgent care clinic in El Paso that leads the way in medical care. We […]

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