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The Role of Urgent Care in Today’s Healthcare Industry

Urgent Care Clinics are an important and growing part of the healthcare industry. As of last year, Urgent Care was an $18 billion industry and is expected to grow in the upcoming years. This kind of growth is indicative of something bigger. It shows that there is a steady move towards population health and value-based […]

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Choose the Best Affordable Urgent Care Clinic in El Paso

Hard-working Americans are afraid of large medical bills when they get sick and don’t have any health insurance. More and more of them are turning to the great selection of affordable urgent care clinic in El Paso that are available. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, here are a few good reasons to consider […]

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Medical Services In El Paso: The Right Choice for Your Child

There are plenty of medical services in El Paso that you can take your child to when he is sick. Earlier in the week, your son came home from school with a sniffle and cough, and despite over-the-counter medication, he is only getting worse. You thought about taking him to his pediatrician, but the last […]

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