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The Role of Urgent Care in Today’s Healthcare Industry

Urgent Care Clinics are an important and growing part of the healthcare industry. As of last year, Urgent Care was an $18 billion industry and is expected to grow in the upcoming years. This kind of growth is indicative of something bigger. It shows that there is a steady move towards population health and value-based […]

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What Kinds of Services Are Available at an Urgent Care Clinic?

For many people who don’t have a regular doctor, an urgent care clinic will have the medical services they require.  El Paso patients trust County Club Urgent Care Center. This is because we provide emergency services, gynecological services, and many other types of walk-in care. You may have a medical need and are not sure what an urgent […]

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Here Is How to Get Fast Emergency Service

If you have a health issue that requires immediate emergency service in El Paso, then visiting Country Club Urgent Care can be much more affordable and much faster than going to an emergency room. Believe it or not, people waste more time flooding a regular ER when they could be seen at an urgent care […]

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Emergency Service in El Paso | A Better Choice than the ER

The most unfortunate events happen at the most unexpected times, so if you have an accident like falling off a ladder, you have other options for emergency service in El Paso.  At Country Club Urgent Care Center, we have virtually no wait times and you can be sure that your injury will receive the medical […]

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Emergency Service in El Paso for Your Child

Accidents can happen at any moment, so if your child has fallen down a flight of stairs and is in need of emergency service in El Paso, Country Club Urgent Care is here for you. Do not bother going all the way to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. More than likely you will […]

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