Emergency Medical Services

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How to Keep Sickness at Bay This Springtime

Even though the spring season officially began on the 20th of March, it finally feels like spring in the El Paso area. It only took a week for us to catch up but now the days are long and warm, taking us away from the seemingly never-ending winter and placing us soundly in the warm, […]

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Our Emergency Services Will Give You Peace Of Mind

Emergencies occur all the time. This is why it is very important to make sure you have a good contact to go to for emergency services. If you want peace of mind for you and your family, you should consider finding a good hospital to go to in case of these kinds of issues. If […]

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Will You Get Good Care at a Walk In Clinic?

If you have health concerns and cannot wait to go and see a doctor, a walk in clinic let you be seen by a medical professional right away. Walk-in clinics like Country Club Urgent Care provide prompt medical services to people who need healthcare help. So, if you are not feeling good or if you an injury, […]

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Affordable Urgent Care — Alternatives to the ER

There are many situations where a need for affordable urgent care outside of normal business hours. There are also many situations where a doctor may have to provide patients with treatment while they don’t have a regular physician. In too many situations, people go to the emergency room because they do not know where else to […]

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