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The Role of Urgent Care in Today’s Healthcare Industry

Urgent Care Clinics are an important and growing part of the healthcare industry. As of last year, Urgent Care was an $18 billion industry and is expected to grow in the upcoming years. This kind of growth is indicative of something bigger. It shows that there is a steady move towards population health and value-based […]

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University Students Benefit from Affordable Urgent Care Services

As we welcome in the Fall, people everywhere are back in school and settling into their old routines. For university students, this means that it’s time to be frugal and save money in order to afford school materials. But what can a student do when they face a medical issue during the school year? The […]

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How Affordable Urgent Care Can Help You

Finding and receiving medical care can be a trial in this day and age. This is why affordable urgent care is so important to daily life. Country Club Urgent Care offers affordable urgent care to serve your community. There are quite a few benefits to affordable urgent care, all of which help you and your family. […]

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Affordable Urgent Care — Alternatives to the ER

There are many situations where a need for affordable urgent care outside of normal business hours. There are also many situations where a doctor may have to provide patients with treatment while they don’t have a regular physician. In too many situations, people go to the emergency room because they do not know where else to […]

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Choose the Best Affordable Urgent Care Clinic in El Paso

Hard-working Americans are afraid of large medical bills when they get sick and don’t have any health insurance. More and more of them are turning to the great selection of affordable urgent care clinic in El Paso that are available. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, here are a few good reasons to consider […]

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