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Stressing the Importance of Your Gynecological Health

Young blond woman having gynecology consultation in medical clinic.

Women all around the world suffer from diseases specific to their bodies and female makeup. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancers have endangered the lives of our women. That’s the thing about diseases and infections- sometimes we don’t even know that we have them. Fighting a gynecological disorder and infection can be frightening, but this is what Country Club Urgent Care is here for: to provide you with the immediate and urgent care to tend to your gynecological needs. Your availability of medical insurance does not impede our ability to help you. We are also able to refer you to an OB/GYN, which is one of the utmost responsibilities women need to take to keep track of their health. Let’s touch on some specific points as to how important your gynecological health is to the sake of your life.

Catch it Before it Catches You

Just like attending medical check-ups and setting regular appointments, you have to treat your gynecological services the same way. By the age of 21, women are expected to begin taking regular pelvic, pap smear, and breast exams. Taking exams for these specific areas on the female body is scary at first thought, but these exams are needed to be able to detect any abnormal signs and target where infections/diseases are starting, if that may be the case. These tests are recommended to be done at least every three years, to give doctors the time to collect and analyze data and be able to get back to you on where you stand in your feminine health. 

Other Services

Obstetrician-gynecological doctors and clinics are not only reserved for testing of the female body system, but you can also come to these medical professions for testing and treating of STDs and in times of pregnancy. OB-GYNs are able to detect if you are diagnosed with an STD or infection specific to your reproductive organs. While being able to detect if you have an infection, they are also able to offer you plans of treatment and speak with you on how you want to go about the process of fighting the infections. 

During times of pregnancy, you are not only thinking about your own health, but as well as the life growing inside you. It is highly recommended that you go to OB-GYN services so they can regularly check you for your reproductive health as well as the infant’s. If there are any specific ways you want to go about your expected birth, the OB-GYNs are who you need to talk to. 

It is understandable that women are hesitant to medically checking and treating their female health. Most women are fearful, anxious, or worry about how they will afford the medical attention, but here at Country Club Urgent Care, we can make this the least of your worries. Call Country Club Urgent Care today to learn more about tending to your feminine health and how we can help you. 

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