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Emergency Medical Services

Stay Close to Home with Walk in Clinics in the 79912 Zip Code

medical clinic front desk and waiting area that is clean and empty

When you or someone you love is feeling sick, and you are looking for walk in clinics in the 79912 area, you’re in luck. There is a place where you can get the care you need without going far. The last thing that you want to do when you are sick is drive a long distance in order to get medical help.  With Country Club Urgent Care Center, you don’t have to! Not all walk in clinics offer the same convenience like the one located near you. We can get you diagnosed, treated, and on your way back to feeling better soon!

A Convenient Location that’s Close to Home

When you need to visit an urgent care center in El Paso, time is of the essence. A visit to a medical professional because of an illness or injury is never something that anyone wants to wait long to receive medical help. If your kids are sick, that’s even worse because worrying about your kid’s health is a parent’s worst nightmare. Driving a long distance to get to an urgent care center, or going to a clinic and waiting a long time when you get there, is not something you should have to do when you are already dealing with medical issues. Fortunately, with Country Club Urgent Care, there’s less hold-up. Come to our convenient westside location where you can get in-and-out quickly, with the care you need.

High Quality Care

When you visit an El Paso urgent care center, you also want to make sure the care you receive is high quality. This is easy at Country Club Urgent Care Center where we have a trusted reputation for providing compassionate and knowledgeable medical assistance to patients of all ages. Don’t wait, choose the best of walk in clinics in 79912 area, contact us today!

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