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Emergency Medical Services

Shorter Wait Times with Our Clinics

interior shot of a doctor’s waiting room

When you are looking for clinics in El Paso to treat an immediate need, you need to see a doctor right away and do not want to wait long hours in the ER. What makes clinics unique to hospitals are the shorter wait times and the convenience of location. In addition to this, there are some key aspects that clinics should have and Country Club Urgent Care makes these following attributes a priority.

Clinics with Convenience –

Along with great hours that are suited to your schedule and lifestyle, Country Club Urgent Care will allow you to preregister for their services. This puts the needs and time of the patients first, while expediting the process and reducing wait times. You will notice there will be a list of treatment options that are similar to what you might receive at an emergency room without the same high hospital costs.

Excellent Customer Service

An excellent, well- trained staff that has the right training and knowledge to keep patients informed is highly prized. For clinics in El Paso that you can trust, you should feel comfortable expressing any concerns to the staff and receiving knowledgeable responses. It is important to feel cared for and listened to when you are dealing with any type of medical concern.

nurse writing on her binder in an urgent care

Country Club Urgent Care is one of the best clinics in El Paso for westside residents. When you have an urgent need that requires the immediate assistance of a trained medical professional, then you need to contact our clinic right away. We have  professional, caring staff to listen to you needs and provide the best treatment options possible. Contact us today!

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