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Reasons to Visit a Gynecology Clinic

a lady at the gynecology clinic speaking with a doctorAs you may or may not know, a gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the health and diseases of the female reproductive system. Starting from puberty, when the reproductive organs mature, every woman should see a gynecologist on a regular basis to promote good health. For young women, this type of physician can explain normal bodily functions. Gynecologists can answer any related questions about menstruation that may arise. Doctors can also advise older women about menopause and hormone replacement therapy. The gynecology clinic at Country Club Urgent Care is ready to help the women of El Paso.

Have an Annual Exam at a Gynecology Clinic

When a woman has an annual exam at a gynecology clinic, her doctor will perform both a pelvic and a breast exam. The pelvic exam allows inspection of the cervix. The inspection also includes a Pap smear which allows for the examination of a few cells microscopically in order to check for any potentially cancerous cells. The doctor can assess many disorders of the reproductive system through these examinations. The gynecologist can also conduct tests with blood and tissue cultures. A doctor’s exam can discover breast abnormalities early and determine whether a mammogram or other additional testing is needed.

Other Reasons to Visit a Gynecology Clinic

Those who visit a gynecology clinic can also be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Any unusual vaginal discharge or lesion should be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible. Other common women’s health problems that can be discussed at a gynecology clinic include endometriosis, fibroid tumors, and cancer. These should be evaluated by a doctor for medications and surgery and, if needed, referred to an oncologist for treatment. Contraception is also a big part of why many women choose to visit a gynecology clinic. Different methods of contraception can be discussed and prescribed.

Another reason why women are seen at a gynecology clinic is due to menopause. Women may experience physical and emotional symptoms as a result of this life changing period. A physician can evaluate blood hormone levels and prescribe medications that can help to counteract these symptoms. Regardless of where you are seen, you want to be comfortable. Therefore, it is important that you carefully research the doctors you are considering seeing. Be sure to verify their qualifications, education, continuing education, and affiliated hospitals, as well as reviews and rankings from others who have been under their care. Country Club Urgent Care is ready to help!


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