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Why You Should Never Use Google to Self-Diagnose

young blonde woman holding her stomach in pain while sitting on a couchAfter eating a big meal at a local restaurant, you head home and develop an unexpected stomach ache. When it doesn’t subside for an hour or two, you consider stopping by an urgent care clinic. But you’re already lying in bed and you’re feeling a bit lazy. So you opt to pay Dr. Google a visit. After all, it doesn’t cost anything and you have the knowledge of the world at your fingertips as oppose to that of just one doctor! According to the good ol’ interweb, it could be appendicitis, gallstones, a kidney infection, or stomach cancer! The reality is that most stomach aches are a result of insignificant factors. They are mostly harmless like indigestion, overeating, or minor food intolerance. The problem is that medical websites are notorious for listing the most serious and unlikely results first.  Just visit the gynecology clinic at Country Club Urgent Care.

The Dangers of Cyberchondria — Visit the Gynecology Clinic Instead!

“Cyberchondria” is the term given by psychologists to the obsession with searching for real or imaginary symptoms on the internet. Often, searching for symptoms on the internet exacerbates anxiety and fear rather than actually helping people understand what their symptoms might indicate. This is also the case with symptoms that should be addressed in a gynecology clinic. When patients visit us at Country Club Urgent Care, not only can we view their full personal medical history, but we also see hundreds of patients and can give a realistic professional medical explanation for symptoms. We also have the resources and experience to actually test for all possible ailments. This way, patients can get a real diagnosis rather than just internet speculation.

Another problem with searching the internet for medical information is the fact that many websites are misleading or just plain incorrect. Recent surveys found that 90% of Wikipedia articles containing information on the top 10 most common medical conditions contain errors. Additionally, only about half of the people who self-diagnose online actually follow-up with a doctor. Often, this process prolongs an accurate diagnosis and causes undue stress and anxiety. On the other hand, this can also be cause for an incorrect diagnosis when there is a serious gynecological issue that may require medical attention.

We’ll Take it From Here

At Country Club Urgent Care, our gynecology clinic has the experience and professional medical expertise to test, diagnose, and treat gynecologic issues. Please don’t trust Google, let a doctor care for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit our clinic. We welcome walk-ins!

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