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Looking for an Affordable and Accessible Gynecology Clinic?


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Every woman in El Paso needs to visit a gynecology clinic for periodic exams in order to stay healthy. Going to the gynecologist periodically allows you to be tested for signs of cervical cancer and breast cancer, and allows you to otherwise maintain good feminine health.  Country Club Urgent Care Center has a gynecology clinic you can visit, both for routine appointments and when you need emergency or specialized care.


Gynecology Clinic for Routine Exams


Early detection of cancer and other gynecological problems can save lives. It is imperative you get routine exams so you can stay healthy and spot early signs of illnesses.  Visiting a gynecology clinic once every one to three years (depending upon age and health status) should be a routine part of the care you get.  Country Club Urgent Care makes it easy for patients to come to a gynecology clinic in El Paso because we provide high-quality medical care at a comfortable price. Whether you have insurance coverage or not, you can get an examination at our clinic for a price that is within your budget.


Emergency Situations


While routine care is important, there may be times when you feel discomfort or have a problem that you need a doctor to check out. When you find yourself in this situation, you need to find a gynecology clinic that can treat you without having to wait a long time for an appointment.  Country Club Urgent Care Center is always available to get you in to see a doctor in an emergency situation or when you have a health concern.  Don’t wait to get the feminine health care you need. Contact us today!


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