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Emergency Medical Services

Here Is How to Get Fast Emergency Service

young girl with an arm cast needed emergency serviceIf you have a health issue that requires immediate emergency service in El Paso, then visiting Country Club Urgent Care can be much more affordable and much faster than going to an emergency room. Believe it or not, people waste more time flooding a regular ER when they could be seen at an urgent care center.

ER service vs urgent care

As many as 70 percent of people with a medical issue who go to a hospital for emergency service could actually visit an El Paso urgent care center to get the same exact treatment they need.  Many people are unaware of the wide variety of conditions and injuries that an urgent care center can handle. From a child’s fever to a broken bone that needs to be set, the medical professionals at an emergency clinic can solve the majority of your medical problems and treat most injuries and illnesses that need prompt attention.  At Country Club Urgent Care, we are always ready to offer you the help you need.  

Avoid wasting time and money

Going to an El Paso emergency room is a huge waste of both time and money for the 70 percent of people who could be treated at an emergency clinic instead. An ER is going to have a much longer waiting time than an emergency clinic, so you could end up wasting hours of your time when you are sick.  An emergency room is also going to be much more expensive, with a larger co-pay or significantly more costs if you do not have insurance coverage.
Instead of going to an ER for emergency service in El Paso, choose a affordable and better solution, contact us today!

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