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Four Interesting Facts About Bone Care and Healing

Detail of a young woman providing broken bone care to an elderly patientFifteen million people a year will visit an emergency room for a fracture or broken bone care.  These patients will undergo the typical treatments for restoring a bone to health —like resetting and casting. The wonderful process of healing bones is a testament to the resilience of the human body, the skeletal system, and its ability to heal and repair. At Country Club Urgent Care Center we have extensive experience in broken bone care and helping our patients in the journey towards a speedy recovery.

Types of Fractures

Not every fracture is made equally. The different kinds of fractures will affect the treatment you receive and the healing process:

  • Non-displaced fractures: The fractured parts of the bone remain aligned
  • Displaced fractures: both parts of the bone need to be realigned
  • Closed Fracture: The bone does not break the skin
  • Open Fracture : The bone breaks the skin
  • Greenstick Fracture: Bone doesn’t break, but bends

Here are four interesting facts about bones and their healing:

  1. Bone Count You have over two hundred bones in your body, each of which plays an essential role for proper body mechanics and movement. Your entire skeletal system is designed to work as one efficient entity.  As a baby, you are actually born with 300 bones, but as you grow certain bones fuse together, leaving you with a final count of 206 as an adult.
  2. Natural Healers Many people will require some type of broken bone care throughout their lives. Aside from their daily function of producing blood cells and protecting vital organs, bones are self healing. As they break, they immediately begin to repair themselves. As soon as a fracture is detected, they begin depositing calcium in the affected area. The new bone formed is often stronger than the old.
  3. The Role of Blood When a bone breaks, the body immediately begins forming a hematoma —blood clot— which shields and protects the area so the healing can proceed. The protein compounds also serve as a cover that aid in reconnecting the sides.
  4. The  Weight Bearers Our bones are built to withstand a lot of weight and are comprised of one of the strongest materials found in nature. Comparably bones can be stronger than steel and can in theory bear a load of 19,000 pounds. Their ability to withstand weight however, depends on the force or speed the weight hits them. The strongest bone in the body is the lower jaw.

Let Us Heal Your Bones

Needless to say, your bones are pretty magnificent. Yet, despite their strength and resilience, they do fracture and require specialized broken bone care. Providing the adequate healthcare immediately after a fracture will ensure that the bone sets and heals properly without complications. Country Club Urgent Care sees many of these cases a year and understands the importance of proper, efficient care when it comes to your bones.

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