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When Should You Visit a 24 Hour Urgent Care Clinic for a Fever?

sick boy in bed with a thermometer and his teddy bearWhen a fever gets high enough to be dangerous, visiting an El Paso 24 hour urgent care clinic can help. Physicians can help bring down the temperature. You will also receive a diagnosis to the underlying cause. In many situations, however, a low fever is not necessarily cause for alarm. A fever is the body’s attempt to help fight off infection. It is a natural response when you are sick.  You can usually wait, unless the fever is high enough to be concerning or is accompanied by other troubling symptoms. Once the fever reaches a certain level, however, visiting a clinic like Country Club Urgent Care Center is your best course of action.

How High Can a Fever Get Before Becoming Dangerous?

For adults, low-grade fevers typically range from 100 to 101 degrees Fahrenheit. A fever of 102 is a intermediate grade fever, which does not necessarily mean getting immediate medical help.  However, your fever is considered a high-grade at 103 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You may want to visit an urgent care clinic. If your fever is 104 degrees or over, hyperpyrexia, which is a very dangerous high grade fever. You need to get medical attention right away.  You should also get medical help if you have a low grade fever that has lasted for several days. For children, a fever of 104 or more is also considered high.  However, a doctor should be seen if an infant six weeks or younger has a fever of 101 degrees or higher.

Getting Medical Help at a 24 Hour Urgent Care Clinicsick woman holding her head and look at thermometer

If are concerned for you or your child, County Club Urgent Care Center can help. Visit our 24 hour urgent care clinic in El Paso whenever you need to get a diagnosis so you can stop worrying about a fever.

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