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What to Expect at a Gynecology Clinic

elderly woman and her doctor at the gynecology clinicFor many women, visiting a gynecologist evokes uncertainty and moderate fear. According to a recent survey, in fact, two-thirds of women between the ages of 18 and 71 reported feelings of nervousness and anxiety surrounding their gynecology checkup. The reasons for this anxiety include embarrassment, fear of discomfort, feelings of personal intrusion, and the fear of an unfavorable diagnosis. Unfortunately, these fears are perpetuated by society’s silence concerning gynecology exams and female health in general. Many women have no idea what to expect from their first gynecology appointment. This can discourage them from taking personal responsibility for their health and well being. The best way to move past fears concerning a gynecology appointment is through education. The team at Country Club Urgent Care is ready to help. Here are some things to expect at a gynecology clinic.

Visiting a Gynecology Clinic

Gynecologists specialize in the female body and address topics such as fertility issues, cancer prevention, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, and menstruation. To ensure the health of their patients, these medical professionals employ various tests that measure the health of female reproductive organs. One of the most common tests is called a ‘Pap smear’ or ‘Pap test’. During a Pap test, cells are removed from the vaginal walls to test for early stages of uterine cancer. Women are encouraged to begin getting Pap smears at the age of 21, or when they become sexually active. Women should continue to receive one every three years.

During a pelvic exam, a doctor looks for medical problems with the pelvic floor, pelvis, and vagina. These exams are often requested by women who wish to discuss sexual problems or pain with their doctor. Issues with bladder or bowel functioning may also be addressed in this setting. While many women do not have consistent pelvic exams, women who are concerned about symptoms of sexual or bladder malfunction should consider undergoing this exam.

Breast exams are also regularly performed at gynecology offices. The doctor will check the breast and armpits for lumps, and he or she will also show you how to perform a self-examination. These exams are important checks for breast cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer in women.

Find a Gynecology Clinic That Works for You

It is important to remember that gynecologists are on your team. Gynecology clinics are judgement free zones. Once you visit one, you will likely see that it is far less intimidating than you previously thought. That being said, it is important to remember that you are not obligated to continue with a particular gynecologist if you feel uncomfortable with him or her. Find a gynecology clinic where you feel comfortable. At Country Club Urgent Care, we provide offer one of the only walk in gynecology clinics in El Paso. We work to create a comfortable, worry free atmosphere for our patients. Check out our website for more information! Contact With this in mind, Country Club Urgent Care today.

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