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Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services Need to Be Reliable and Convenient

the front entrance sign to an emergency room department in a city hospital

Accidents happen all the time and when they do, you need to know where to go to get emergency medical services in El Paso. That is what an urgent care center is for. These types of medical buildings are different than going to a hospital that might be a longer distance away. You can get faster service with shorter wait times by visiting an urgent care center like Country Club Urgent Care Center. We have almost the same services as you would expect from a hospital without the hassle that comes with long wait times and overcrowded waiting rooms.

Emergency Medical Services Require Convenience

Getting the best upfront treatment for an emergency accident requires the convenience of location and expertise. At Country Club Urgent Care Center, we make it convenient for our Upper Valley community to find the help they need without having to travel long distances and fight unpredictable traffic. We also make it affordable for our patients by accepting most insurance plans and not charging the typical high costs associated with a hospital emergency room. All these factors are important to you when you are experiencing an emergency situation and that is why we value them too. We know that you are in need of greater medical attention at a convenient location and affordable costs. That is why we combine these features to make our center as accommodating to your needs as possible.

First aid medical sign isolated over white background

Find Help With Us

Emergencies are temporary but when they strike, the stress levels rise and the need for immediate action is absolutely crucial. Thankfully, we proudly serve our Westside El Paso community with highly skilled medical services that can bring the immediate relief you need. Contact us today for emergency medical services and other medical treatment!

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