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Don’t Let Urgent Care Issues Halt Your Summer Fun

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Summertime’s nearing its end. Yes, we know that’s a depressing thought but here in El Paso, does summer really ever end? Children and students all over town may answer that question with a resounding and disenfranchised “Yes.” The start of school often signifies the end of summer. But before El Paso’s student population hears that first bell ring, they still have a few more days of summer left. The last thing a child (or any person for that matter) wants to experience is a health concern before returning to school. If you require urgent care, Country Club Urgent Care is ready to help.

What Exactly Is Urgent Care?

It’s important to understand that urgent issues are vastly different from medical emergencies. Urgent issues can be a high fever or a sprained ankle. Simply put, urgent issues aren’t life threatening. An urgent health concern won’t risk the loss of limbs or cause permanent eyesight issues. These issues still require medical attention, though, so it’s best to find assistance quickly.

Since summertime is ripe for adventures, many people can get injured or get infected during a particular outing. Accidents or falls that result in bleeding or minor broken bones are urgent care issues, for starters.

Camping can be a fun and exciting event but it puts campers at risk. Lakes and rivers are prime locations for bacteria that can cause infections and other issues. Everyone knows about poison ivy, which causes rashes. Skin rashes and infections fall under the category of urgent medical conditions.

Don’t Let This Cut Your Summer Short!

Nature can be a scary place but that doesn’t mean it should stop you and your family from having adventures and exploring! We understand that even if you take all proper precautions, you can still fall prey to an injury. For peace of mind, simply know that your local urgent care center is ready to help, no matter the time. The conditions listed above can bring any summer festivity to a complete stop but a swift acting urgent care center will be able to bring whoever’s in need back to full health. All it takes is knowing what requires the attention.

To differentiate urgent medical conditions from emergency conditions, simply think whether or not it’s life threatening. Urgent conditions must still be cared for within 24 hours. Thankfully, Country Club Urgent Care is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what injury this summer brought about, we can help make you better. Contact us today

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