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Do You Want to Speed Up the Healing Process of a Broken Bone? Here’s What You Need To Know

Person laying down with left leg in a blue cast flat on the couch and the right leg rested upwards.

It could happen when you’re playing soccer, installing some repairs on your roof, or even simply by running, but breaking a bone is never fun. Some broken bones are more intense than others, but this doesn’t mean your case isn’t as extreme. It’s pretty indicative when you have a broken bone, so one must rush to an emergency room to receive immediate medical attention. So you get x-rays done, receive a prescription to lessen the pain, and they give you a cast. What else can I do to further treat my broken bone? one might ponder. Do not fret, for we have the answers.

Prepare Yourself for Pain

Even though you sought medical attention, you are still prone to experiencing some soreness and pain in the first couple of days after having broken a bone. You will want to prepare yourself for this and ensure that it is completely normal. As opposed to constantly thinking about the pain, rest and relax the area of the broken bone as much as possible. 

Make Note of Fingers and Toes

It is very possible for our casts to be too tight on our limbs, so pay attention to the state of your fingers and toes. Look at the color and how relaxed they are as this will indicate how much blood is running through the casted area. No one wants to lose blood circulation and end up feeling worse. Make sure your cast is as comfortable as possible. 

Drafting Air into the Cast

Casts will inevitably be itchy and irritating and it’s a burden to deal with. Instead of opening up your cast with a pencil or pen, you can have cool air circulate throughout your cast with a blow dryer! Place the blow dryer’s settings on a cool and low state to rid of any moisture that might build up in your cast.

Treating You Right Away!

Here at the Country Club Urgent Care, we welcome our patients with comfort and we do not fail in meeting their medical needs. Contact us today to receive the medical attention you’ve been seeking!

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