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Do Medical Emergencies Occur More Frequently During the Winter?

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If you’re someone who tends to get sick more often during the winter than any other season, you may not be alone. From runny noses to congestion, ear infections, stomach viruses, strep throat, and the common cold, there are a lot of different forms of sickness that go around once the temperature drops. While doctors haven’t pinned down the exact reason why we get sick more often during the colder months of the year, there is a commonality in the types of illnesses that spread beginning in November and lasting until March, in some cases.

An Uprise in Influenza

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a spike in influenza (flu) from December through March. The reason? With more people sneezing, coughing, and spreading bacteria indoors, it becomes more likely that we contract the flu. As opposed to blaming the cold weather outside on what is causing you to get sick, you may want to reconsider the space in which you occupy – how clean is it and what does the air feel like? The flu peeks in the winter because we tend to remain indoors in rooms with hot air or no air. In dry conditions, our nasal passage can become filled with viruses that cause the flu. If your place of work or home is feeling dry, it’s a good idea to incorporate a humidifier, which can add needed moisture to the air.    

Risks of Hypothermia

There’s a reason that as a child your parents always made sure you were bundled up. When the body is exposed to cold temperature for a long period of time, it causes a negative reaction to our internal system. At first, you may feel tired and disoriented. Then, after shivering for a period of time, you might not feel cold anymore. Your skin may appear blue as your pupils dilate and eventually you may lose consciousness. It’s critical that if you do experience hypothermia that you seek medical attention right away. If you notice that someone’s skin is turning blue and they don’t look fully awake, take them to an urgent care center where they can be treated.       

If You’re in Need of Emergency Medical Services in El Paso, Come to Country Club Urgent Care

Medical emergencies can take place even when we’ve planned well ahead in order to avoid these common winter season illnesses. As an urgent care center, we’re here to provide your family care when you need it most. When the unexpected occurs, some see us.  

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