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Urgent Care Clinic Defining Viruses and Infections

man with blanket over himself and thermometer in mouth, with medicine nearby

If you are not feeling well, visiting an urgent care clinic in El Paso  to get a diagnosis is important so you can get on the path to recovery. Country Club Urgent Care Center can help you to get an accurate diagnosis and can provide the right treatment depending upon your condition. As you undergo treatment, you should understand the difference between a virus and an infection so you will know what type of treatment to expect.

Urgent Care Clinic can Treat Both Viruses and Infections

An infection is a broad term that can apply to an illness caused by bacteria or an illness caused by a virus. Both bacterial and viral infections are caused by microbes and cause similar symptoms, like coughing and sneezing. Both also spread through contact with infected people or with infected surfaces.  The difference, however, is that bacteria are complex single-celled creatures which self-reproduce while viruses are smaller than bacteria and consist only of core genetic material and a protein coat. Bacteria can survive on their own, but viruses cannot survive without a host and viruses reproduce only by attaching themselves to host cells.

Treating a Virus vs. an Infection empty doctors office with medical equipment on the wall in urgent care clinic

Antibiotics can be prescribed by an urgent care clinic in El Paso to provide treatment for a bacterial infection. A virus, on the other hand, cannot and should not be treated with antibiotics. Overuse of antibiotics to try to treat viral conditions is actually causing problems by making antibiotics less effective when they are needed. Country Club Urgent Care Center in El Paso can correctly diagnose a viral or bacterial infection and can help you to get the care you need. Contact us today!

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