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Choose the Right Walk In Clinic When You are Just Visiting

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When you are visiting the El Paso area and your kids get sick, you need to find a walk-in clinic where you can get a diagnosis and get the medication that your children need. ┬áVisiting a new area can be stressful for kids and they can be exposed to new germs that make them ill. Your kids could catch a cold or a flu, or develop strep throat or other conditions that need treatment so they can feel better. When you don’t have a regular doctor in the area, going to a walk-in clinic is going to be the best choice for getting your kids the help they need.

Making You Feel at Ease During Your Visit

Country Club Urgent Care is a trusted walk-in clinic that has extensive experience diagnosing the common (and uncommon) conditions that kids get. We know that kids are often afraid to go to the doctor and we understand how unpleasant it is for kids and parents when children are sick. Our caring medical providers will help put your mind at ease and will help make your kids feel comfortable throughout the examination.

Shorter Wait Time and Follow Up Services

When you come to our walk-in clinic, you don’t have to worry that you will experience the long delays like at an emergency room. We aim to make sure your children are seen quickly, get the medication or treatment they need in a timely manner, and get home and into bed comfortably so they can start the recovery process. We understand that when you feel ill, whether you are a child or adult, the best thing to do is get the treatment you need get you back to health. Our walk in clinic even allows you to come back for a follow up with the same doctor, something that would be impossible in an ER.

To learn more about Country Club Urgent Care and why our walk-in clinic in El Paso is the best choice for parents with sick kids in the local area, contact us today.

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