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What to Do if Your Child Breaks a Bone

Little girl injured with broken ankle sitting on white background.Children break a lot of things; vases, windows, your heart when they go off to college. But one thing they break the most is their bones! When you are young, your bones are more fragile than when you are an adult, which is why it seems like children break their bones quite often. Contrary to popular belief, a broken bone doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make a trip to a hospital emergency room. Most broken bones, in fact, can actually be taken care of at an urgent care center. At Country Club Urgent Care Center, we can help your child if they break a bone. Here are some things you should know about proper broken bone care.

Broken Bone Care During the Visit

When you come in, we will ensure that your child is seen right away. We will check the broken arm with x-rays and see if the bone needs to reset. If it does, we will set it back in place, giving your child a cast or splint to hold it in place. We will also prescribe pain medication and antibiotics, if we think your child is at a risk for infection. We will have your child bandaged up and feeling better in no time.

Keeping the Cast/Splint Clean

Since your child will have to wear either a cast or splint, it’s important to keep it clean. If you’ve never used a cast or splint before, you are probably unfamiliar with the fact that they can, well, smell pretty awful after a while. While you want to keep them mostly dry, you can use a damp cloth to scrub it a bit. It’s also important for your child not to get things like dirt and dust inside of it, since it’ll add to the smell. If the cast happens to get wet, you can always blow dry it with a blow dryer, on the coolest heating level.

Physical Therapy

Depending on where and how severe the break is, your child may need to go through physical therapy to help with healing and regaining mobility. It’s important to take your child to physical therapy, so they don’t experience problems later on. Physical therapy is an integral part of broken bone care and it’s important that it is taken seriously.

Broken Bone care at Country Club Urgent Care Center

If your child breaks a bone, look no further than Country Club Urgent Care. We offer quick, affordable service and will ensure your child is back home and feeling better in no time. We understand how trying of a time this can be and we will help you feel at ease. Contact us today for more information.

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