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Emergency Medical Services

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A Brief Outline of Broken Bone Care

Our skeletal system is resilient. It’s what keeps us upright and stable, gives us the ability to be mobile and protects our vital organs. Although our bones are strong, they aren’t infallible. With enough pressure or force, our bones can snap or break. A broken bone is nothing to laugh about. In fact, bone fractures […]

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What To Do If Someone Gets Cut (Shallow VS Deep Cuts)

Paring knives can slip and cut a finger. Glass cups can fall and injure a foot. Kittens can claw and leave wounds on an arm. Accidents will happen, and it’s always good to know what to do when the inevitable occurs.  A cut may seem like nothing to worry about, but any break in the […]

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A Message to Our Community About COVID-19

Country Club Urgent Care Center is Taking Every Step to Keep You Safe • Every morning, each staff member is screened for fever and respiratory symptoms. If any staff member has any of these symptoms, they are tested for COVID-19 and sent home for self-quarantine until the test comes back negative. • We are sanitizing […]

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How Urgent Care Centers are Impacting Healthcare and Communities

Chances are that by now you have seen, driven by, walked by, or maybe even visited your local urgent care center. These medical facilities have seen quite the renaissance in the last couple of years. They have continued to grow and expand the healthcare market. Of course, they are not all made the same. At […]

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Stressing the Importance of Your Gynecological Health

Women all around the world suffer from diseases specific to their bodies and female makeup. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancers have endangered the lives of our women. That’s the thing about diseases and infections- sometimes we don’t even know that we have them. Fighting a gynecological disorder and infection can be frightening, but this […]

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