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The Role of Urgent Care in Today’s Healthcare Industry

Urgent Care Clinics are an important and growing part of the healthcare industry. As of last year, Urgent Care was an $18 billion industry and is expected to grow in the upcoming years. This kind of growth is indicative of something bigger. It shows that there is a steady move towards population health and value-based […]

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Why Physical Issues Require a Visit to the 24 Hour Urgent Care Clinic

Getting sick is a part of life. Even if you constantly follow healthy living practices, odds are you’ll catch a cold at least once per year. These issues tend to manifest early on and give you enough time to react accordingly. If your cold, stomach ache or headaches aren’t going away, visiting an emergency care center […]

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When Should You Visit a 24 Hour Urgent Care Clinic for a Fever?

When a fever gets high enough to be dangerous, visiting an El Paso 24 hour urgent care clinic can help. Physicians can help bring down the temperature. You will also receive a diagnosis to the underlying cause. In many situations, however, a low fever is not necessarily cause for alarm. A fever is the body’s attempt to […]

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