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Where to Get Broken Bone Care

sad boy with broken boneWhen you have broken a bone, you most likely want prompt broken bone care. Of course, a bone has to be set right away so that it can heal properly. This way, you don’t sustain permanent damage or experience a loss of mobility. A broken bone is also very painful. So, you want to make certain you get the right treatment.  Country Club Urgent Care can provide prompt and efficient care for broken bones for patients throughout El Paso.

Choosing a Place for Broken Bone Care: Wait Time

Many people assume that the only place to go for broken bone care is an emergency room. This is simply not true. In fact, an emergency room may be the worst place to go for broken bone care. Because, you will have a very long wait in most situations, since broken bones are not a big priority for an ER.  At Country Club Urgent Care, conducting x-rays and seeing a doctor won’t entail a long wait. Getting fast and convenient care means less trauma to an already chaotic situation.

Choosing a Place for Broken Bone Care: Cost

The cost of a bone cast is another big consideration when you need broken bone care. Even if you have insurance, a visit to the emergency room can be very expensive with co-pays and co-insurance expenses.  Country Club Urgent Care provides a more affordable solution for El Paso patients. The cost of coming to Country Club Urgent Care for broken bone treatment is significantly less than you would spend for an ER visit.

Contact Country Club Urgent Care Todayyoung woman caring for an eldery lady with a broken bone

If you have a broken bone, come to Country Club Urgent Care for help. Our physicians and staff will ensure your satisfaction with prompt and affordable broken bone care. Give us a call now to learn more.

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