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Emergency Medical Services

What Kinds of Services Are Available at an Urgent Care Clinic?

nurse wearing blue scrubs at an urgent care clinicFor many people who don’t have a regular doctor, an urgent care clinic will have the medical services they require.  El Paso patients trust County Club Urgent Care Center. This is because we provide emergency services, gynecological services, and many other types of walk-in care. You may have a medical need and are not sure what an urgent care center can do for you. Perhaps you should explore the different services we offer and see if we can provide the help you need.

Emergency Care at an Urgent Care Clinic

Many patients in El Paso who visit an urgent care clinic do so because they have a serious medical emergency. Country Club Urgent Care offers a wide variety of of diagnostic and treatment services. You may require broken bone care, stitches, a diagnosis for a fever, or a wide variety of other medical needs. A doctor will see you in a timely manner. Not only that, they will provide care much more quickly than if you had visited the E.R. There is nothing worse than a long wait while you are sick.

Other Services at an Urgent Care Clinic

An urgent care clinic does not only offer you emergency care. Many patients in El Paso can come to Country Club Urgent Care for routine gynecology related exams. Patients who need flu shots nurse talking to female patient at urgent care cliniccan also get this important vaccines to avoid becoming seriously ill. We provide many services, but with less wait time. 

Visit an Urgent Care Clinic When You Need Help

Since we provide so many services at our clinic, virtually every patient in EL Paso could use the help provided. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid illnesses and injuries that could call for medical care. If something does happen, however, visit Country Club Urgent Care Center to get the help you need.

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