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Affordable Urgent Care Clinic in El Paso


Patient and medical staff at an affortable urgent care clinic
An affordable urgent care clinic in El Paso can give you medical help when you are feeling sick. You can get treated quickly and at a reasonable cost at Country Club Urgent Care Clinic in El Paso. For affordable and urgent care, the best option is choosing to go to a clinic. We accept insurance as well as cash payments for the uninsured. 

Insurance is Accepted

Country Club Urgent Care Clinic is an in-network provider for many major insurance companies including Medicare, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Out-of-network care is also provided for many El Paso residents with various policies including Tricare, United Health Care, and Cigna.

When you have insurance that covers your visit, the cost of getting affordable urgent care at Country Club Urgent Care Clinic can be extremely reasonable. While most insurance companies charge a very significant co-pay for a visit to an emergency room, co-insurance costs are generally smaller for covered care at an urgent care center. Save money and skip going to a hospital. 

Cash Costs are ReasonableHappy patient at doctor's office in an affordable urgent care clinic

For those without insurance, visiting an urgent care clinic in El Paso can be the most affordable way to get medical treatment.  Country Club Urgent Care aims to offer comprehensive medical services at very low prices so those who are sick do not feel as if they cannot come and see a doctor.  We will work with you to help you get the treatment you need at a price that is not outside of the bounds of your budget. Don’t spend a fortune by going to a hospital, choose Country Club Urgent Care instead.

Get Affordable Urgent Care Today!

When you need to visit an affordable urgent care clinic in El Paso, Country Club Urgent Care is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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