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Affordable Gynecology Clinic in El Paso

doctor speaking to patient in a gynecology clinicWomen should regularly visit a gynecology clinic to get preventative exams and to get proper medical advice in the event of a possible problem.  In reality, not everyone has a gynecologist who they see on a regular basis. Not everyone has a primary care physician. Not everyone has insurance either. All of this can make it hard for women in El Paso to get the gynecological care they deserve. For this reason, Country Club Urgent Care aims to make life easier for women by providing the medical care they need at a reasonably priced clinic.

What Services are Offered at the Gynecology Clinic

Country Club Urgent Care’s gynecology clinic provides many services for women in El Paso. Since you cannot visit the ER for a routine gynecological exam, our services are the clear choice. Additionally, if you do not have a regular doctor or a gynecologist who sees you, you can turn to us. We offer routine care as well as care for situations that involve medical problems. The services provided for women at Country Club Urgent Care include annual exams, PAP spears, and STD tests.  If you are diagnosed with an STD, we provide treatment. We also diagnose and treat ovarian cysts.  These are just a few of our services. If you’d like to get a clearer understanding about what we offer, contact us.  

With all that in mind, know that we are here to help. As a result, choosing Country Club Urgent Care as your gynecology clinic will give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for. It’s prudent to stay safe and healthnurses at the gynecology clinicy. We offer the most important and required services for you to be at your best. Don’t let the fear of gynecology worry you or stop you from getting the care you require.

Visit Our Gynecology Clinic Today

Getting a routine exam is the responsible choice for women. Regular exams can help prevent cervical cancer. Exams also allow for early breast cancer detection. At Country Club Urgent Care we offer services for women of all ages. Contact us today!

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