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3 Signs You Need To Visit A Gynecology Clinic

Woman patient talking to a gynecologist at gynecology clinicMost women are familiar with the recommendation to visit their gynecologist for annual checkup. However, this isn’t the only reason for a visit. Unusual pain and other symptoms can be clear signs of needing medical attention. Another common sign or reason for visit a gynecology clinic is becoming sexually active.  Therefore, taking the step to visit a  gynecology clinic is always a good idea.   

If You Experience New Symptoms Or Pain You Hadn’t Before

It is really important to be hyper aware of all of your body and the different pains you experience.  Sometimes it might be something as simple as stomachache or it could be ovarian cysts. Although these cysts are commonly harmless a small percent can be cancerous. Irregularities in your monthly cycle or painful intercourse are also clear signs that you should visit your gynecologist. At Country Club Urgent Care we have a gynecology clinic. We have a hardworking and considerate staff and doctors who will help you with your medical needs.  If you have symptoms you did not have before call or visit Country Club Urgent Care to make an appointment.  

Don’t Dismiss the Symptoms

It is always good to inform yourself about the signs and symptoms of ovarian and cervical cancer. This is because cancer needs detected right away so you can receive most thorough treatment. Signs of cervical cancer include vaginal bleeding, unusual vaginal discharge, and pelvic pain. You should a doctor right away if you have any of these. Signs of ovarian cancer include abdominal bloating, pressure, and pain, abnormal fullness after eating, and difficulty eating. Other signs include increased urination,  fatigue,  indigestion,  heartburn,  constipation, and back pain. The best way to detect these life threatening diseases is to stay on top of your annual check-up.

Your Annual Check Up Is Incredibly Important male doctor with patient in a gynecology clinic

Every year, it is highly advisable for you to undergo your full check-up.  This way you can find out if something changed internally or if there is a threat of any disease.  Every year, it is important to look for any changes in you mammograms and breast exams. A doctor can see changes throughout the years.  Women over 50 also need to be hyper attentive of anything strange in their exams.  Country Club Urgent Care offers you the best services in  El Paso and guarantees thorough and careful reading of all the results.  Call or visit us today to make an appointment.

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