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3 Common Summertime Emergencies and How to Avoid Them

elderly woman being affected by the heat outside with concerned young woman at her sideThe warmer weather and more sunshine means El Paso residents will be spending more time outdoors. An increase in outdoor activity typically means a higher risk for medical emergencies. But don’t be alarmed. By taking practicing safety measures every time you and your family enjoy an outdoor activity, you can avoid the common summertime emergencies most urgent care centers in El Paso see during the months of June through September.

Here’s how you and your family can avoid these common summertime emergencies:    

Avoiding heat stroke

As temperatures rise, it’s important to stay rested and well hydrated. With prolonged exposure to high temperatures, your body can overheat due to a lack of hydration. Generally, this can result in heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and the worst of all – a heatstroke. A heat stroke causes internal organ failure and if not properly treated, can result in death. To avoid a heat stroke, drink plenty of water, avoid overexposure to the sun, wearing a hat, sunglasses, and breathable material for clothing. If you experience nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, an intense headache, or an increased heart rate, visit an urgent care facility right away.

Outch! Don’t get stung by a bee or wasp

People’s reaction to bee and wasp stings varies. While some will have an immediate reaction, others will forget about the bite within minutes. Pain generally goes away right away but for those who experience an allergic reaction, the symptoms that follow are serious. You may experience difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat and tongue, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, as well as other skin-related reactions. It’s important that you visit an urgent care clinic right away. To avoid being stung by a bee or wasp, avoid wearing fragrances or scented lotions when you plan on spending time outdoors. You can also spray yourself and your children with natural insect repellent spray found at most local drugstores.

Protect yourself and others from head injuries

Most bumps and bruises are harmless. They often result in minor pain or tenderness in the muscles. However, some head injuries require medical attention. Often times the symptoms of the injury do not reveal themselves for days, weeks, or even months. If you hit yourself on the head and experience a headache following the accident, you’ll want to go to the emergency room to have a medical exam. Other signs that merit medical attention includes headaches, stiff neck, lack of energy, fatigue, excessive vomiting, loss of mobility in your arms or legs, or if you simply don’t feel like yourself. Avoid a head injury if difficult when you’re out playing volleyball or baseball but a few safety measures include: wearing a hat or helmet, always being alert, and being avoiding the negligent behavior.

When an emergency does happen, Country Club Urgent Care is here for you

We hope all El Pasoans stay safe this summer. Applying these tips during the warmer months can help you and your family avoid an injury. If you suspect a rash, bite, or any other emergency, our medical team will be here to attend to you.   

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