Comprehensive Acute Medical Services

El Paso urgent care facility medical servicesCountry Club Urgent Care Center is an affordable urgent care clinic in El Paso. We offer the best in urgent care medical services as well as the best emergency care. Our staff doctors and PAs will serve you and your family quickly and with respect.

We have over 50 years of combined experience in emergency medical services, staffing two doctors and two Physician assistants who treat all types of urgent care situations, from broken bones, dislocations, and lacerations, to fevers, and viruses for all ages.

We have quicker turn-around times, and our affordable care is much cheaper than a hospital emergency room visit.

When it comes to routine medical service, our facility provides numerous types of care that do not require hospitalization, such as treatment for fever, viruses, flu, as well as setting long bone breaks on a walk-in basis.

Our doctors and PAs treat all ages, and have the distinction of having a former Special Forces medic now PA on staff to deal with any emergency.

Affordable Health Treatment without Emergency Room Visit

No need for an expensive hospital emergency room visit when you come to Country Club Urgent Care Center in El Paso, Texas. We work with all insured and non-insured patients.

Convenience & Affordability

One of the most outstanding benefits of our urgent care clinic is that we are less expensive than a hospital visit for insured and non-insured patients alike. We estimate that approximately 70% of individuals who go to an emergency room for minor health treatment could go to Country Club Urgent Care Center instead. We also have much shorter wait times than a visit to an emergency room here in El Paso.

Contact Country Club Urgent Care Center in El Paso, Texas today for non-hospitalization care. We look forward to meeting you.