A Gynecology Clinic in El Paso You can Count on

nurse-493x385Every woman needs to visit a gynecology clinic in El Paso periodically.  You need to visit the gynecologist for a regular annual examination in order to catch cell changes that show up on a pap smear and that could lead to the development of cervical cancer.

Your gynecologist is also going to be able to conduct a breast exam to help you detect signs of breast cancer early, and will be able to help you make sure your health is otherwise OK.  A gynecologist is also the one who prescribes your birth control and makes sure that you are in good health to continue to taking birth control bills.

Finding the right gynecology clinic in El Paso is a hassle, and many women put it off even if they know that they need to go.  Fortunately, you do not have to look any further to find a medical provider who can meet your needs. Country Club Urgent Care has trained physician’s assistants and licensed gynecologists on staff who can conduct routine examinations but who can also handle problems or concerns that you may be facing.

You need a gynecology clinic in El Paso that is staffed with caring physicians and that provides you with prompt medical service without a long wait for treatment. Your clinic also needs to work with your insurance provider or be affordable for you if you are not insured.  Country Club Urgent Care can do all that for you.

Our gynecology clinic in El Paso aims to make sure every woman gets the medical care she needs to stay healthy. To learn more about how we can help you, contact Country Club Urgent Care today to set up your first appointment. 8041 North Mesa, Suite B 2 El Paso, TX 79932  (915) 307-3870

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